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Groom Expo West

Groom Expo West is the second largest dog grooming conference in the world, and the website is the primary way attendees access information and register to attend. Lucas Colton designed the logo, and we worked together on a color scheme. I then began the task of organizing and developing a simple flow to create the best experience we could for users. I also worked with Barkleigh’s web developer, Luke Dumberth, to setup a template and system Barkleigh Productions could use for all of their conferences.

View the live site: GroomExpoWest.com

Groom Expo West was originally called Groom & Kennel Expo. Previous years we ran commercials based on a fictional band and a song titled “GKE.” When the named changed, we came up with a fun way of letting attendees know while encouraging them to continue coming.

Watch that video here: https://youtu.be/SvdEYEe8WJ0


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